Connection (2020)


Cedar Eve (she/her)

Cedar Eve is an Anishinaabae (Ojibway) artist from Saugeen First Nation and Wiikwemikoong First Nation, but was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. In 2012, she earned a BFA in Studio Arts, with a focus on drawing and painting at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Cedar is a full time artist, working as both a muralist and a maker of beaded jewellery. During the school year she works with Indigenous youth in Cree communities throughout Northern Quebec.


Red Road Lodge
631 Main St.
Winnipeg, MB
(East-facing back wall)


"Through my drawings and paintings I explore my world-view and identity. I am inspired by the figure of the shapeshifter. My pieces feature creatures bordering between human and animal painted in bright, bold colours. I have come to view these creatures as my spirit beings or guides. They are inspired by the stories I have heard growing up, my dreamworld and my need to remember my ancestors. Themes of communication and the symbiosis of energies are prevalent within my work. This mural represents the need for communication, self-reflection and the sharing of (our personal) stories. It represents a journey to self-healing by listening to one’s instincts.”

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