Florence Solis


Florence Solis is a Filipino-Canadian artist practicing in Hamilton, Canada. She received her B.Des in Environmental Design from OCAD University in 2012. Her multi-disciplinary background is reflected through the process and aesthetic of her work. As a self-taught artist and professional designer, her work intersects between traditional portraiture and digital design to create dynamic contemporary compositions.
Florence’s current body of work is a reflection of her constant search for identity through a deconstructive creative process. As a self-taught painter, she draws many influences from her design background by creating illustrative digital collages as a base for her work. After creating the digital sketches, she then translates the composition into acrylic paintings creating another layer of depth and humanistic approach to the piece. The stage of manual painting allows for her to start on the piece all over again as the different medium challenges her to view the work in another light. As she mixes colours to get the right hue, match colours together and hear the scratching stroke of the brush on canvas, it feels like giving life to the subject which was once just fragments of images on a screen or paper. The process of digital to analog also speaks of the paradox not only within the elements of her work but also the contemporary ways art is produced and consumed today.

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