Hanna Reimer

Artwork at Chip's Vintage

I am a Treaty 1-based multidisciplinary artist with a BFA (HON.) from the School of Art, University of Manitoba. Texture, pattern, and hands-on processes play a crucial role in my practice, which in the past has manifested through experiments with fabric, silkscreen, ceramics, and painting. A thread through all of my work is the contemplation of the soft architecture of fabric folds, and how my portrayals of them hover between abstract and representational.

Currently, I am navigating my own naiveté in digital media and how what I learn can inform my “analog” art. Allowing tools and programs I am unfamiliar with to manipulate a scanned image of a painting that I have physically made does not abandon authorship but rather creates a dialogue between myself and technology. My recent work pushes back and forth between analogue and digital art, and how putting an image through a process that deteriorates it legitimizes the mistakes it already had. To take this process further, I like to play a game of telephone with my pieces, revisiting familiar shapes and patterns and putting it through a process of scanning, tracing, and repeating to create a new image.

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