Kyla Yin James

Kyla Yin James (they/them) is an illustrator and designer whose work is inspired by mythology, the unconscious, subcultures, speculative fiction, and sociopolitical systems. Their work is filled with symbolism that creates surreal and speculative scenes questioning the status quo. They have a mural on display as a part of Vancouver Mural Fest and are currently working on their debut graphic novel. Kyla’s work has been featured in publications including Creative Boom, ROOM Magazine, Ricepaper Magazine, and Loose Lips. They have also worked with The Writer’s Union of Canada, InwithForward, Vancouver Foundation, Good Night Out Vancouver, and the James Black Gallery. Through their work, Kyla dissects and reassembles how they approach the different thought worlds they grew up in. Kyla describes their practice as thinking and feeling out loud, sorting through the symbols and ideas they’ve encountered.

Kyla is a part of the STEPS Public Art CreateSpace Public Art Residency Program

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