Love Birds (2018)


Fresh Canvas Art Co.

Fresh Canvas Art Co. is comprised of Trevor Peters and Annaliza Toledo. Together they supply high quality street inspired artwork for prominent business owners and private collectors. Their main focus is working large scale on creative exterior projects and fitting interiors with high quality pieces that are bold and beautiful. Their approach is to first understand the environment in which the art is placed and then to concept ideas to compliment existing architecture and design. They love to push colour and flair in everything they do. They introduce elements borrowed from graffiti culture when producing custom art for murals and other commissioned projects. Having extensive experience in the commercial and residential painting industry, their knowledge of surfaces and product is very resourceful when considering any project. Toledo and Peters are the proud producers of the annual Rust Magic International Street Mural Festival in Edmonton which has produced 35 large scale pieces of public art in Edmonton since 2016. Notable clients: Red Bull, Lululemon, Scion,  Mac Cosmetics, Coors Light, Scion, Stiegl, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Lady Gaga for Parlour Magazine, Mr. Wiggles of the Legendary Rock Steady Crew.


116 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB
(North-facing wall)


Coming Soon.

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