Mawpile'n (Tie It Together) (2017)


Dee Barsy
Jordan Bennett


Canada Life
(FKA Great West Life)
Winnipeg, MB


Mawpile'n (Tie It Together) by Dee Barsy and Jordan Bennett were part of the Winnipeg Art Gallerie's INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE Exhibiton in 2017. 

INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE brings together 29 emerging-to-established Indigenous artists who are pushing boundaries with their work. The collection considers political insurgency and cultural resurgence to radically shift our understanding of Canada, now and in the future. Working in a variety of media, the artists focus on Indigenous intergenerational cultural knowledge within land based practices, gender, traditional aesthetics, language revitalization, interconnected kinships, identity, and material culture. INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE is the Winnipeg Art Gallery's largest-ever exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art and includes 12 new commissions from artists across Canadian territories and nations. Feel the pulse of today through tufting, tattooing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography, sound, beading, media, and performance.

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