Shaylene Picard (“Kozmic Art” )


“Kozmic Art” artist, Shaylene Picard is a 24-year-old Métis woman currently living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Shaylene has been creating her own style as a self-taught artist from a very young age. Shaylene grew up in the foster-care system and found comfort in creating art/developing her own artistic style, giving her a feeling of purpose throughout the years. In high school, Shay was often found in the art room exploring various artistic styles and mediums. She often created art that would eventually develop her signature style behind “Kozmic Art”. Shay felt art class was a safe place to express herself and her creative ideas. Nature has always been one of Shaylene’s greatest inspirations and although she did not realize it at the time, Shaylene felt that nature has always drawn an underlying connection between her art and her cultural background. Recently Shay has been increasingly inspired by her ancestors and her Indigenous culture, incorporating more of this style into her art pieces. Mediums Shay enjoys include gouache/acrylic paint and illustration pens. Shaylene is inspired by nature and the universe, noting that her consciousness and dreams really assist her along her creative path.



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