Straddle (2017)


Jill Stanton is a muralist and artist currently based in Edmonton. Her work has been featured in several   and public commissions across Canada, including the 2015 Alberta Biennial for Contemporary Art, the 2016 Hunter Street Bridge Project in Peterborough, Ontario, and the 2017 Vancouver Mural Festival. Her work often depicts natural forms, mainly plants, using them to explore human scale on large walls and installations.


Sherbrook Inn
109 Sherbrook St.
Winnipeg, MB
West Broadway


"This was my first trip to Winnipeg and I was pretty charmed by it. It feels a bit like an alternate dimension Edmonton but a bit grungier, a bit more 70s, really rad. I took inspiration from the colours of the buildings and the old school signs here, and that 70s vibe, and made this still life that hints at vintage sci-fi paperback novels. The objects straddle a river, a reference to the black and white piece above with text from Katherena Vermette."

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