To Party in 2020 (2020)


C. Daniela Shapiro (she/her)
Rochester, New York

Self-taught illustrator,  C. Daniela Shapiro, hopes you can find yourself in her artwork. If not metaphorically, then she hopes literally.

“I want everyone to feel seen and represented in my work. Illustrating gives me a chance to cast my friends and community into the artwork.”

The New Jersey-born illustrator currently works and lives in Rochester, New York, and graduated from the University of Rochester with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Legal Studies.

Through the eyes of her friends, family, and the every-day viewer, she hopes that her artwork is approachable, sincere, and nurturing – a few adjectives people would attribute to Daniela herself.

She’s passionate about moral philosophy and hopes her art and storytelling skills will help her communicate her political and ethical views in a new and relatable way.

Daniela’s ADHD or Dyslexia may or may not have anything to do with her decision to play around with different illustrative styles. Either way, Daniela strives to create art as a form to self-heal, conceptualize ideas, and explore realities and worlds that could one-day exist.

Daniela’s childhood “party-trick” (drawing), is now her freelance passion and she’s excited to take on new clients, projects, and collaborate with the art world and artists from around the world.

Daniela has authored and illustrated the graphic novel, “The Stories of Survivors”, depicting Holocaust survivor testimony and her own visits to concentration camps. She is currently working on a graphic novel around American prison systems.


Kum Koon Garden
257 King St.
Winnipeg, MB
Chinatown/ Downtown
(South-facing wall)


To Party in 2020 is a hopeful thought for the present and the future.

Daniela has always thought the idea of a party was conceptually strange, especially after attending her first “friend” party as a teenager.

While there is a universal experience of people around the world coming together to celebrate, story tell, and bond over experiences that make up a party – the realities of the past and present means that not everyone has or is allowed to party in the same way.

To Party in 2020 already exists in some places in the world, like social media, discussions, among groups of friends, and communities. But here’s to hoping that it can exist in real life, here and around the world.

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