Untitled (2019)


Jonato Dalayoan

Jonato Dalayoan is an award-winning graphic designer whose work is distinguished by a unique blend of street art and corporate sensibilities – in other words, he designs cool shit that sells ideas. Drawing inspiration from his family, heritage, faith and artistic interests, Jonato's work has blessed canvases from sides of buildings to covers of annual reports – and all points between. Having started his professional journey as a freelance mural painter, Jonato's selection for the Wall to Wall Festival brings him full circle to his artistic roots. Armed with an education from Red River College's acclaimed graphic design program, and sporting nearly two decades of experience in a number of leading agencies in the Prairies, he is currently the owner/operator of 4two Design Inc. His latest print series Geosumfin is currently on display at Parlour Coffee – a few blocks away from where his Wall to Wall mural will be created – with portions of the proceeds devoted to the Main Street Project.


 Fortune Block
232 Main St.
Winnipeg, MB
Construction Hoarding


Partners: Synonym Art Consultation, Graffiti Art Programming, Fortune Block, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ

Sponsors: Benjamin Moore

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