Ally Gonzalo


Ally is a queer, first-generation Filipinx man who settled in Treaty 1 Territory back in 2016. Adept in social media and marketing coordination, Ally uses his skills to foster community engagement at the grassroots level.⠀

Additionally, he has over 7 years of experience in photography and specializes in honest, intimate portraits. He is formally trained in the field of photography and has received education in History and Political Science from his motherland as well. ⠀

In 2019, he was commissioned by CBC to create and develop a body of work called "Bakla!" that showcases the diversity of the queer Filipinx population in the diaspora and their connection to their pre-colonial roots. His work has received 3 nominations and 2 awards in the past three years, most recently being the Best Manitoban Short at the FascinAsian Film Festival. 

Photo Credit |  Adam Kelly

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