Apiw (2020)


Peatr Thomas

Assisted by;

  • Bram Keast
  • Daniel Ross
  • Jonato Dalayon
  • Jospeh Pilapil
  • Maison Smith
  • Matea Radic
  • Nadya Crossman
  • Pink Panda


Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain
340 Provencher Blvd.
Winnipeg, MB
St. Boniface 
Ground/ Parking lot 


Apiw’ (Swampy Cree for “'I am home', or 'Is at home’) is designed and led by muralist and artist Peatr Thomas.

The star-shaped image in its centre is the symbol of the ‘spirit’ or a petroglyph recognized from Peatr’s mother’s homeland.

“The mural itself is centred around the 'spirit' symbol (petroglyph), which also looks like a star, stars also meaning spirits of lost ones in some Indigenous cultures. Our sun, being a star, is what I chose of how it is depicted, a rising sun/star/spirit, and red, representing Indigenous people's rising from years of oppression and reclaiming the land as we go.”


Apiw’ was created as a part of a National Art Centre project; Grand Acts of Theatre – Intramural.e. 

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