Beach (2020)


Chase Martin

Chase Martin is an emerging visual artist who primarily works with painting, drawing, and mixed media sculpture. In Fall 2020, he will attend his final year at the University of Manitoba where he will graduate with an Honours Degree from the School of Art. Martin’s art practice has seen a consistent exploration of masculinity, gender expression, and sexual identity. His 2019 solo show, ‘Off My Fridge’ saw him investigate these themes primarily through medium-large scale pencil crayon drawings. These works, primarily set at the beach, utilized bold colours and rigorous directional mark making. In 2020, one of Martin’s large scale pencil crayon drawings was included in a publication fundraiser for Artspace. In late Fall 2020, Martin will participate in a group show at La Maisons des Artistes, celebrating emerging and established artists in the Francomanitoban community.


Wannabees Diner
639 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB

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