Pat Lazo, Gabrielle Funk, Travelling Sign Painters, Jessica Canard, and Siyee Man


New West Hotel
786 Main St.
(South-facing wall)

EDI-CARE Pharmacy
794 Main St.
(North-facing wall)
Winnipeg, MB


We propose to represent two pairs of distinct and oppositional animals: the rabbit and the snake, the bear and the deer.

Our intention behind utilizing this imagery is multifaceted. We would like to simultaneously acknowledge the strength and necessity for diversity and independence while embracing the need for acceptance, tolerance and mutual respect of individual differences. We have positioned the animals head to head so that they are gazing into one another's eyes in a peaceful manner.

These animals will stand alone and beautiful in and of themselves, yet they will forever exist in a state of mutual awareness, acknowledgement, trust and respect for one another. Surrounding the animals will exist a network of foliage and graphic elements of design, reflecting the dynamism and diversity of our five distinct artistic styles, which will merge together at the point in which the animals meet one another. We would like each wall to make a strong, simple positive statement that speaks to the very essence of community.

One wall will read LIFE and the other wall will read TOGETHER. The words can be read as a statement, or they can stand alone. 

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