Sakihta Pimatisiwin (2019)


Peatr Thomas (he/him)

Tansi, my name is Peatr Thomas, I am a Swampy Cree/Ojibwe, self-taught, multi-disciplinary artist from the Pimicikamak Cree Nation. Raised on reserve, I am a living by-product of the residential schools. I experienced first hand the recycled trauma that came from the generation before me. Finding art, culture, and tradition, it was a way to cope and a way to continue work on healing.

I moved to Winnipeg, Mb. for high-school, graduating in 2005 and became a carpenter for the next 10 years. All the while practicing visual arts in many mediums, graphic design, and videography.

Becoming a full-time artist, entrepreneur, and youth workshop facilitator in late 2015, I have since been travelling across turtle Island sharing my skills, knowledge and life experiences, as I’m always looking to assist youth, groups, and communities working towards a bright healing future for themselves, and community.


Thunderbird House Gardens

Bunzy’s Garage
52 Austin St.
Winnipeg, MB
(West-facing walls)


Sakihta Pimatisiwin (Cree for: Love Life) 

It is said in our culture that inside of us all there is a bad wolf and a good wolf, represented with the black/white, shown in the symmetry of everything.

The background scene is based in the wilderness, with trees, water, wigwams, teepees and eagles in the sky. The wilderness/nature is where we can reconnect with ourselves and spirit. Also representing life. The three red circles are to represent mind, body and spirit in a person. They start on the ground mother earth because this is where we all come from starting on the molecular level.

The red lines emerging from the circles is our path in life, balancing the good (white) and bad (black). Straight lines in the beginning representing childhood/ innocence. Life starts to take turns and bends as we struggle through adulthood followed by us rending our straight path in life as we enter the years as an elder.

The bigger red circle on top in centre, is to represent our mind, body, and spirit in sync. The larger eagle in the centre spans across the red lines, representing as a guide for us, as it is said that eagles carry our prayers to creator, also representing love in the seven teachings, and it is what I believe will guide us into the right direction.

Partners: Synonym Art Consultation, Graffiti Art Programming
Sponsors: Benjamin Moore, United Rentals, Take Pride Winnipeg, Dulux

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