Speaking Up! (2020)


Farah Emara (she/her)
Cairo, Egypt

Farah Emara is a 2020 fine arts graduate and I co-founded her business Jidar in 2017.

Jidar is a startup that provides tailored and functional murals that amplify brands, translate ideas, and energize physical spaces! We do this by promoting designers and painters and connecting them to different job opportunities so that they are less forced to deserting their passion and talents and are more encouraged to establish an art career. Making art & design a source of income, bridging the gap between the art community and the business/ commercial work. We’ve enabled over 70 muralists and provided them each with 3-6 paid projects.

“I’ve worked on tons of murals through Jidar and I manage the business handling business development, sales, marketing & account management. Jidar gives me the opportunity to wear different hats and to grow as a person and as an artist. As a recent graduate, I have more time to explore and experiment and learn. I am into traditional and digital painting, illustration, pattern design, and collage work. I am freelancing now as a muralist and as an illustrator. I’m interested in so many things, but I guess the thing I’m the most interested in people. Human beings, their individuality, how unique they are and how their brains work, their traditions and how they shape cultures and make history. I like to notice their behaviors and understand their motives. I’m interested in learning more about different cultures along with further exploring my own, that explains my passion for arts, travel, documentary films and photojournalism.


The Garrick
330 Garry St.
Winnipeg, MB
(North-facing wall)


“There’s been a #metoo wave happening in Egypt where “400 official complaints of sexual assault & violence against women have been filed in 5 days” and thousands of women, bravely, shared their stories online, facing the stigma and blame that society places on survivors whom are speaking up. Inspired by every brave woman, Farah Emara, a 23 year old artist, is sharing her frustration and pride in this piece; “One day I cried out of frustration from all the stories I’ve read and heard, and yet I was crying out of pride because they’ve had the courage to break the silence and share such traumatic personal experiences. It’s hard and triggering for everyone, but no one is ever alone, we’re all together. Every woman is speaking up for herself and for all the other women. I wanted to celebrate their power and create an impression of pain and unity”.

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