Two-Spirit People Are Sacred (2020)


Elijah Forbes (he/him)

Elijah Forbes is a Two-Spirited, white-passing Odawa artist from the Michigan (United States) area. He primarily works in comics and illustration and organizes the Indigenous Comics Collective.


Sunshine House Winnipeg
646 Logan Ave
Winnipeg, MB


This mural celebrates the spirits, life-ways, and beings of Two-Spirit people across Turtle Island. The transgender flag grounds the two figures in front, wearing traditional clothing which references traditionally "masculine" and "feminine" regalia, with their bodies presenting in a gender non-conforming way. Berries, leaves, water, and suns representing the multiple spirits and ways that experience can help one's true self grow; this references an idea of gender that artist Elijah Forbes ascribes to, that gender experience, expression, and presentation all flow together like a river. Moving and bending, powerful and tiring if you work against it. Supportive if one is willing to move with the river, leading to new spaces and experiences unimagined when one had been trying to force the river to move in a pre-determined direction.

Prints of Two-Spirited People are Sacred will be available in Our Ways Always Zine, pre-orders available in the link here:

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