Each year, Graffiti Art Programming (GAP) takes the lead on creating the Wall-to-Wall Mentorship Program.

This program allows for youth (ages 15 - 29) to strengthen their skills and professional development in different areas of artistry with industry professionals. This programming are for youth with a strong interest in the following areas; music development, vocal performance, dance, spray painting, screen printing, photography, digital design and more. 

How to Participate: Interested individuals interested in being part of the program must apply for this program.
Wall-to-Wall will comply to provincial restrictions for any group gatherings/ workshops / programming.

Dates/ Times: To be determined. Some of the programming will begin in the summer and lead  into September during Wall-to-Wall. Schedule/ dates to be available soon.

Commitment: Accepted participants are asked to participate for the entirety of the program. 

Cost: There are no associated costs for participants at any stage of this process. 

Outcomes:  Each program part of the mentorship opportunity will have special project goals or outcomes in mind.
Many of the outcomes (final performance, music video, showcase) will be debuted during Wall-to-Wall's finale event. 

Accessibility: Wall-to-Wall strives to create programming access to all. As a program that's always growing and changing, we encourage feedback to increase programming accessibility. 

  • Application Process – If you require assistance or do not have access to a computer/ internet, GAP's staff can assist in your application process over email, over the phone, or an in-person meeting. Email here for more information:

  • Venue Access – Some buildings, studios, spaces are fully accessible and some spaces are non-accessible in some ways (ex; stairway to restroom, front door access requires two steps up, limited lighting.) More details will be made available to applicants. 

  • Closed Captions, ASL, Captioning Apps – Any online meetings will have access to closed caption. Mentors and teams can be trained to used translation/ captioning apps. ASL may be provided for the finale event/ debut/ performance. Any requests for these services can be arranged prior to the start of the program:

*Please note the age restrictions (15-29) is determined by the provincial/ federal grants that help fund this programming. 


Vocal Performance

Participants will hone their songwriting and performance skills in order to perform their original track for a live recorded concert.

Music Production

Participants will hone their beat-making and sound engineering skills in order to produce an original track to be performed for a live recorded concert.


Participants will hone their dance skills in order to perform for a live recorded concert.


Participants will learn the skills required to produce studio portraits as well as document a live event.

Spray Painting

Participants will learn the skills required to paint a collaborative mural using spray paint.

Screen Printing

Participants will learn the skills required to screen print posters.

Digital Design

Participants will learn the skills required to design and create a collaborative digital artwork to be made into a printed mural.


After downloading and filling out your application, 
please send them to:

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